Apply to the INCC Program

The admission requirements and procedures correspond to the requirements set forth by the Graduate School of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County,

Applications must include the following items:

(1) an official transcript of a Bachelor’s Degree (minimum a 3.0 GPA)

(2) three letters of recommendation that provide information about your potential and ability to engage in academic work at the graduate level. If applying to any of the Language concentration areas (French-speaking, German-speaking Spanish-speaking, and Russian speaking), one of the letters should address your target language proficiency

(3) a statement of interest in the program.

The TOEFL is required for international students. The GRE is NOT required (you may submit your GRE results if you believe it could help your application). All candidates must have adequate intercultural proficiency either through the study of a foreign language (degree in a foreign language, heritage speakers) or through an extensive experience abroad (Peace Corps, study abroad).

All application documents must be sent directly to the UMBC Graduate School. The deadline for  application is January 31.
For the current Tuition and Fees, click here 

Part-time applicants may apply at any time (contact the Graduate Program Director)

The program can be completed as:

FULL TIME  in 2 years  (3 courses/semester)

PART-TIME in 4-5 years (1-2 courses/semester)

ACCELERATED BA/MA PROGRAM in an additional 2 or 3 semesters ( 3 courses/semester)


Graduate Assistantships

The MLLI Department annually awards a limited number of graduate teaching assistantships to incoming students who are qualified to teach French, Spanish, German, Chinese. The Graduate Teaching Assistantships at UMBC offer tuition remission, a stipend and health insurance benefits. To be considered for funding, new applicants must check the relevant boxes under “Financial Assistance Information” in Section V of the Graduate School application form, and submit their application by the deadline of January 31. For more details, please see the GA Handbook.

Accelerated BA/MA Program

Students in the undergraduate program may enroll in an Accelerated BA/MA Program. They can count three courses at graduate level toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students can therefore finish the MA Program in one additional year. Please click here for more information regarding the ACCELERATED BA/MA PROGRAM.

To apply for the ACCELERATED BA/MA PROGRAM, please complete the following Application for the Accelerated BA/MA Program, submit two letters of recommendation to the Graduate Program Director, and a brief statement of interest.
To enroll in graduate courses as an undergraduate student, please fill out the  Approval for Undergraduates to Take Courses for Graduate Credit form.